Here is Greg's description of the quilt from the album notes:

"The quilt contains symbols representing both McCallum’s life and the music on the CD. The seven panels (winding down from the top right to the bottom left) are [click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement]:

  • Ashpole Presbyterian Church in Rowland, NC, where Greg was inspired as a child

  • “Amazing Grace” in shape-notes from McCallum’s mother’s Broadman Hymnal

  • a fiddle

  • a piano sketch by Will L. Eskridge ( from a program McCallum performed for the Cleveland County Arts Council in Shelby, NC

  • a banjo

  • a photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. and

  • a photo of the Chadwick Mill in Charlotte, NC


© 2003 Susan E. Brown

Materials: commercial cottons, wool tartans, yarn, commercial threads.

Techniques: machine piecing, laser printing on fabric, machine embroidery, fabric painting, couching.


Fabrics used in the quilt include the McCallum (blue/green) and McLean (red/green) tartans. First lines of hymns and folk tunes quoted in the music appear in four smaller panels, and the beginning and end of Rzewski’s “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues” border the left side and bottom of the quilt." (Note the borders are not visible on the CD cover). Sponged fabric paint was used to integrate the keyboard and piano score fabrics with the rest of the quilt.

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