This turtle was begun as part of a New Horizon Quilter's challenge called "Something from the Sea", using Susan Carlson's free-form piecing techniques, from her book Free-Style Quilts.

The challenge called for an 18" x 24" quilt, in either portrait or landscape layout. I'd been reading a book about Japanese woodblock prints, including many that were diptychs, so my turtle suddenly found itself on two panels.

The background fabric was sponge-painted then stamped with the Chinese, Egyptian, and Celtic symbols for water. There are diatoms (microscopic critters, obviously much bigger than life-size here) floating in the water.

©2002        36" x 24"

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Materials: commercial fabrics, Lunn fabrics shibori and potato dextrin dyed fabrics, Hollis Chatelain dye-painted background fabric, ultra-suede.

Techniques: stamping with fabric paint, fusing, photo transfer, machine applique, machine embroidery, couching, weaving with sheer strips through background fabric.

Turtle: Fore and Aft won a 2nd place in Professional Art Quilts at the 2002 Durham Orange Quilters Guild show.
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